TRANSFORMING Newport’s trash to treasures is Kate Barnbrook and Andy Cole.

They are dedicated followers of fashion with their exciting business in transforming old furniture.

The pair offer a service where you can take a drab sideboard and leave with beautiful furniture.

The small workshop is attached to a showroom located at Enterprise Way, Newport.

It truly is inspiring to see a new lease of life to the vintage furniture.

The charming shop is a delight to visit full of interesting pieces and a quirky workshop.

Customers will enjoy seeing behind the scenes and the furniture which is in the process of developments.

Mr Cole first started with scaffold boards which a friend of his donated.

His creativity lead him to make beautiful wall art with the scrap wood as he is against waste.

The scaffolding has also been used to make shelves and candle holders.

A very popular piece is the James Martin chopping board which is made from locally sourced Wentwood forest wood.

The chef who features on Saturday Kitchen, BBC One, has made the rustic wooden chopping board famous in the kitchen of family homes.

Started as a hobby 18 months ago, he and his partner started to take things seriously when establishing a business.

Mr Cole has regarded it as an ‘uphill struggle’ to get a business off the ground but feels that is very rewarding.

It is unique to the area.

He quoted Orson Welles, saying: “Don’t give them what they want. Give them what they never thought was possible,” as he takes a lot of pride in his craft.

The before and after pictures are wonderful, a stylish TV stand was once the home to family pet rabbits.

The team spent a lot of time researching what type of upcycling furniture is selling all over the world.

The shop sells sets of furniture which is perfect for decorating a home, it adds an old twist to modern homes.

For more information about the work being carried out at Recykle UPcycle, visit or search @RecykleUPcycle on Twitter.RecuRecyc