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Just seen on the Tribal Class Frigates Facebook page. F131 is HMS Nubian, I served on her from October 75 to May 77, what is it you wish to know?

Reader Iain McRobbie

Subject is HMS Nubian. It was a tribal class frigate of the Royal Navy, in service from 1962 and 1979. She was named after the Nubian ethnic group, located in Eqypt. Aircraft carried, one Westland Wasp helicopter. Commissioned October 9, 1962, launched September 6, 1960.

George Morgan, Newport.

Reader Margaret Morgan

Today's picture is of the Tribal class frigate HMS Nubian. She was launched in 1960 as and was sunk as a target in 1987....some of her sister Type 81s had the enigmatic names of Eskimo, Zulu and Ashanti.

Tribal class frigates were COSAG ships....that is to say their propulsion was a combined steam and gas turbine...for fast cruising.

Kind regards

Alun Miles

The ship in question is hms nibian I served on her in the sixties

Ken Lowe