WE ARE continuing to urge our readers to attend our swab event with the Marrow for Marley team this Saturday, from 10am to 4pm, at the Riverside Suite in Newport Leisure Centre.

As preparation, we have teamed up with businesses who are willing to show their support for the event by producing posters and displaying them in their windows.

South Wales Argus:

First to proudly display the poster is Horton’s Coffee House on Millennium Walk in Newport. Their A3 poster is displayed on the corner window of the shop so that “if people come over the bridge, particularly for Friday’s Newport County game, they will be able to see it” said a spokesman.

South Wales Argus:

The swab event is the latest in the search for a bone marrow donor for six-year-old Marley Nicholls. So far, tens of thousands of people have signed up to the bone marrow donor register as a direct result of the campaign, but, a match has not been found worldwide.

Marley’s condition, a rare blood disorder called aplastic anaemia, means that his bone marrow is not producing enough blood cells to allow his body to function fully. This means that it will be easier for him to contract infections and harder for him to fight them.

Marley has undergone several blood transfusions and is currently receiving a clinical trial of a new treatment called immunosuppressant therapy which hopes to prolong the time to find a suitable bone marrow match.

If you would like a poster to display in your business or your local area, please email Elizabeth.birt@newsquest.co.uk and you will be sent a PDF copy.