FOUR adventurous kittens who managed to get stuck in a six-inch gap between buildings have been rescued thanks to a £1.79 child’s fishing net and a broom handle.

Quick-thinking volunteers from Cats Protection’s Gwent Branch taped the net and broom together, balanced on a step ladder and reached into a tiny gap between a wall and a conservatory.

“We decided the only way we could rescue the kittens was to fish them out,” said Glynis Davies, co-ordinator of Cats Protection’s Gwent Branch.

South Wales Argus:

The kittens trapped between two buildings in Cwmbran. Picture: Cats Protection.

“They were trapped in a very small space – it was about just six inches wide at one end and 12 inches at the other.

“We were able to reach down and wiggle the nets around, then carefully scoop the kittens back over the wall to safety.

“It was very tricky, but it just shows what you can achieve with teamwork and determination!”

South Wales Argus:

The kittens were rescued after becoming trapped between two buildings in Cwmbran. Picture: Cats Protection.

The two ginger and two black-and-white kittens have been named Nemo, Marlin, Dory and Deb after fish characters from the animated film Finding Nemo.

They were rescued on Friday, April 12 in Liswerry Drive, Cwmbran, by Jeff Leek and Glynis Davies with the help of local residents.

It’s not known how the three-and-a-half week old kittens came to be trapped, but they will now be hand-reared by Cats Protection volunteers.

South Wales Argus:

Glynis Davies used the fishing net to help rescue the trapped kittens. Picture: Cats Protection.

Once they are old enough they will be found new homes.

Volunteers at the Cats Protection’s Gwent Branch have pledged to fly down the Zip World Velocity zip wire in Bethesda in May to raise money for the charity.

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