Residents in Newport are furious at the disturbance from rail improvement works being carried out throughout the night.

One disgruntled Newport resident, Jemma Porter, shared a time stamped video on Twitter showing how loud the works were at 11:45pm.

She said “I’ve been advised by friends and family who have seen my post that the work is currently happening in the Maindee area which is roughly a mile from where I live.

"However, a number of people who have seen my post have also heard the disruption and that extends from the beechwood area to the St Julians.”

Ms Porter added: “I’ve heard the disruption now for over 3 weeks although this doesn’t happen every night.

"When it does it starts around midnight and runs through until around 3am.

"As you can hear [in the video] the noise is horrendous and I’m unable to sleep through it and given my working hours you can imagine the inconvenience."

Ms Porter said she hadn't received any communication from Network Rail before the work started. Network Rail provide written communication with residents within a 250m radius around where the work is taking place and up to a 500m radius if it is expected to be loud work.

Work is usually done on railways at nights to minimise disruption for commuters throughout the day but noise disruption is expected, although as stated on Network Rail’s website they aim to reduce noise pollution and disturbance by using localised noise barriers.

A Network Rail spokesperson said: “The noises in Newport are related to the modernisation of the South Wales Mainline and we apologise to neighbours disturbed by this activity.  

“Specifically, the noise is caused by piling, which is noisy work but essential to the modernisation programme. For the safety of our track workers, this work is carried out when trains are not running, often overnight.”