A FAMILY dance festival is touring, with stops included in the city centre.

This exciting free outdoor event is a collaboration between Cardiff-based arts organisations Bombastic and Coreo Cymru and features three short performances along with a chance to dance.

Bombtastic, along with Kitsch & Sync Collective and Sweetshop Revolution, will join local dance groups in performing a fun, lively hour of pop up dance.

South Wales Argus:

Carole Blade, Creative Producer of Coreo Cymru and mum of two, set up the event during 2017 to increase young people’s access to different forms of dance.

Ms Blade said: “There is always a great atmosphere at our Family Dance Festival. Just come along watch – and you may even get the urge to join in.”


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The programme includes ‘Super Local Heroes’ a new show by Bombtastic made especially for Family Dance Festival (FDF).

Join four misfit superheroes on mobility scooters in dancing chatting and interacting, as part of a surreal mission to help neighbourhoods throughout Wales.

They will pop up throughout the show and introduce the guest companies, including Sweetshop Revolution with their ‘I am 8’ which presents a world in which children’s stories and dancers’ lives blend in a tale of discovery, spanning what it is like to be 8 years old to 28.

South Wales Argus:

Kitsch & Sync Collective will bring curiously quirky dance theatre to FDF and Hello Buoys will follow three dinghy-less damsels as they dip their toes and cause a splash on their seafaring voyage.

FDF will be at Riverfront Theatre in Newport on Saturday April 27 at 12pm (with Welsh audio description), 2pm (with English audio description and BSL signing) and 4pm. No need to book, just show up.

For a full list of tour dates and venues visit coreocymru.com/programme/family-dance-festival/