A PHOTOGRAPHER is working on a special exhibition focused on women of Newport.

Newport-based photographer, Kamila Jarczak, is hoping to launch an exhibition which celebrates women and is looking for help from the community.

Ms Jarczak said: “’Women of Newport’ is about showing and celebrating wonderful women in our city – their success, passion, commitment and inspiring work.

“Women of art, creative minds, writers, women of business, those who make a difference, musicians and more.”

Since the project's inception, Ms Jarczak’s ambitions have grown and the she now hopes to include more than 30 women in the exhibition, following up with a book and legacy projects to connect and support women in the city.

As the project is entirely self-funded, she launched a Kickstarter on April 15 for anyone wishing to support and back this unique project.

"I'm not looking for a handout, it's important to me that people who support the project get something back, whether it be a personal thank you card, a custom photo book, print or personal photo-shoot...in addition, of course, to seeing a positive project for Newport become a reality,” added Ms Jarczak.

If successful, the first ‘Women of Newport’ exhibition will open at The Escape Rooms, on Griffin Street, on May 24, before touring later in the year.

You can donate at kickstarter.com/projects/352330952/women-of-newport