A REPORT has recommended that the Bishop of Monmouth continue as a member of a church panel for another six years.

Parishioners previously spoke about their serious concerns in the Monmouth diocese, most notably the now nine-month absence of Bishop Richard Pain.

It has been claimed diocese staff had raised grievances against Bishop Pain.

In January, the spokeswoman for the Archbishop of Wales, John Davies, said: "In recent weeks there has been speculation regarding the Bishop of Monmouth and about relationships within his senior team.

"The Archbishop of Wales is aware of these issues and remains actively engaged, with all parties, in a formal process of mediation which seeks to resolve them.

“For reasons of confidentiality, and out of respect for those concerned in the ongoing mediation process, it would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.

“We understand that many people are concerned and frustrated with the situation but we continue to ask for their patience until the matter is resolved.”

South Wales Argus:

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Recently, the Standing Committee - of the Governing Body which is the synod of the Church in Wales - compiled a report with a list of recommendations.

And one of those recommendations was for Bishop Pain to continue as a member on the Panels of Chairs for an additional six years. People who are elected onto the Panels of Chairs can then be appointed to chair sessions of the Governing Body.

The report read: "Under the procedure for appointing to the Panels of Chairs and Assessors members are reviewed after six years.

"This year two members of the Panel of Chairs came up for review, Mrs Helen Biggin and the Right Reverend Richard Pain. The committee recommends that they are re-appointed for a period of a further six years (2019-2024)."

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The recommendation was made following the committee's two meetings on November 29 2018 and February 14 2019.

Commenting on the recommendation a clergy member, who did not wish to be named, said: "It is reassuring that the Standing Committee of the Governing Body has expressed this confidence in Bishop Richard Pain.

"I think this is a moral boost for Bishop Richard."

The report will now be presented to the Governing Body in May, where it will vote on each recommendation individually.

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