A FATHER who says his family lost everything following a fire which engulfed their home last month has slammed a housing association for expecting them to move back into the property.

Jamie Wakefield had been enjoying a day out with his wife and three children when they returned home and found, to their horror, smoke billowing from beneath the front door of their Newport City Homes (NCH) property.

“We could not believe what we were seeing,” said Mr Wakefield of the blaze which occurred in Kelvin Close, Newport.

“The fire had started in the kitchen from the electric cooker and it spread right through the house.”

Items ranging from photographs to clothes were said to have been destroyed, with the family moved to temporary accommodation while Newport City Homes (NCH) undertook repair work.

But Mr Wakefield, 28, says the family has now been told they are expected to move back into the house, despite him calling it "too dangerous" to return.

“It still smells of smoke," he said. "I cannot have my children there.

“There are also nails and screws all over the floor, and loose floor boards.

Mr Wakefield's father, Alan, also voiced concern over the situation.

“You cannot put three children in a house like that – there is dirt everywhere," he added.

The family has said they expect the housing association to remedy the situation entirely before they return to the property.

“We cannot move in as it is because of the state of the house," said Mr Wakefield.

“We want Newport City Homes to sort the property out as soon as possible so we can re-build our lives.

“We still feel lost because of the fire."

Simon Andrews, deputy director of property and places at Newport City Homes, said: “We have been working closely with the Wakefield family to resolve the issues they have experienced following the fire at their home, and have provided additional temporary accommodation for the family.

“We have also provided materials to support with redecoration of the property, and have arranged for furniture to be delivered immediately following the Easter bank holiday.

“We’re sorry that the Wakefield family have experienced this difficult situation and continue to work with them to address outstanding concerns.”