ARMED police were scrambled to arrest a son high of drink and drugs after he threatened to stab his father with a pair of scissors.

Bradley Willis was prevented by a restraining order from going to his parents’ house but turned up at their home “off his head”.

Suzanne Payne, prosecuting, told Cardiff Crown Court how the 21-year-old vowed to hurt his father and brother with the scissors and was abusive towards his mother.

Willis was also violent to police who handcuffed him and restrained his legs with straps after he tried to kick one of them.

Miss Payne said: “He became aggressive towards the officers and was calling them nonces and paedophiles.”

Judge Nicola Jones heard how the defendant had previous convictions for assaulting his grandfather and threatening to burn down his parents’ caravan.

Willis arrived at his parents’ home in a taxi on March 23 in Caerphilly county and confronted his father and brother after his mother had let him in.

Miss Payne said: “He was abusive towards his father and told him, ‘I’m going to batter you.’”

During the 30 to 40-minute ordeal, Willis’ mother was in a “very distressed state” before officers arrived.

After his arrest, the defendant was placed in a police van where he headbutted and spat at the cage as he was being taken to Ystrad Mynach station.

When he was interviewed he admitted he was “off his head” on alcohol and drugs and said “he couldn’t remember much of the previous night”.

Willis admitted obstructing a constable, damaging property and breaching a restraining order not to contact his parents which was imposed in 2017.

Kevin Seal, mitigating, called the background to the case “unhappy and tragic”.

He said: “This is a family torn apart.”

Mr Seal added that the defendant, of Heol Dewi, Hengoed, Caerphilly, “felt he was treated as a lesser child”.

His barrister said that his client was in a relationship with a support worker for vulnerable people.

Mr Seal told the court: “Hopefully, she will be a good influence on him.”

Judge Jones said to Willis: “It’s clearly time for you to grow up.

"Your father and brother felt they were going to be attacked and injured by you."

She jailed the defendant for 12 months.

The restraining order in respect of his father was extended until August 2021, to continue until this August in terms of his mother and a six-month order made in the case of his brother.