Trailblazing fashion wholesale platform BrandLab Fashion, which is based in Newport, has announced an exclusive partnership with leading fashion industry giant Miami Fashion Week.

The deal will allow global buyers to place transactional wholesale orders with the show’s celebrated designers, during and after the hugely anticipated show, which takes place in late May.

The venture means that for the first time fashion buyers at the show, as well as selected buyers who cannot attend in person, will be able to use BrandLab's technology to preview and filter collections digitally and even write digital orders directly from pre-recorded catwalk shows.

The initiative is the first time that a fashion week operator has been able to capture transactional revenue from wholesale orders and gives an indication of how operators are looking to broaden their scope of generating income.

The partnership will also allow Miami Fashion Week’s showcased brands to be viewable and available for orders on the wider BrandLab network, which currently has more than 12,000 global buyers and retailers.

Miami Fashion Week is widely regarding as the second most significant show the in US after New York, and the fifth most important in world of fashion.

At the week's sustainability summit, hosted by its president actor Antonio Banderas, BrandLab founders Dan O’Connell and Jennifer Drury will give a speech about how digital platforms can reduce carbon footprint while supporting operational growth.

Dan O’Connell, chairman of BrandLab, said: "This partnership is as bold as it is innovative in the way it gives a nod to the future direction of the relationship between fashion weeks and digital platforms. Our platform and our people have always been courageous innovators and I am happy that BrandLab is yet again trailblazing within the fashion tech sector by securing this prestigious partnership."

Lourdes Fernandez-Velasco, creative director of Miami Fashion Week, said: "This collaboration will carry on to support the growth of Miami Fashion Week and its designers. We are very excited to implement this element and technology into our show, and we are confident it will be a great success leading to future years ahead."

Miami Fashion Week takes place from May 29 to June 2.