ALL five of Wales' billionaires have seen their personal wealth grow in the last year, according to the latest Sunday Times Rich List.

There are five billionaires with a connection to Wales with a combined fortune of £8.555 billion, including Celtic Manor owner Sir Terry Matthews.

Mr Matthews saw his wealth increase by £165 million - to £1.24 billion.

The total wealth of the region’s top 20 is £14.327 billion, a 5.8 per cent increase on last year.

This is despite six of the top 20 losing money over the past 12 months.

Cardiff-born private equity billionaire Sir Michael Moritz is the richest person in Wales, according to the new edition of The Sunday Times Rich List - with an estimated fortune of £3 billion.

He made his fortune in Silicon Valley, through his firm Sequoia Capital, which provided early funding to Yahoo!, PayPal and LinkedIn, among others.

Robert Watts, the compiler of The Sunday Times Rich List, said: “This has not been a golden year for many of Wales’ richest people. Seven of the top 20 in Wales have seen their wealth either fall or flat-line over the past year.

“The political deadlock in Westminster, stock market turbulence and the winds of change sweeping through the high street have hit the fortunes of many of the UK’s wealthiest people over the past year. The notion that the rich only ever get richer just doesn’t hold true anymore.”

The Sunday Times Rich List for Wales 2019:

1. Sir Michael Moritz - £3bn (up £37m)

2. Douglas Perkins and family - £1.8bn (up £100m)

3. Simon Nixon - £1.365bn (up £115m)

4. Sir Terry Matthews - £1.24bn (up £165m)

5. David Sullivan and family - £1.15bn (up £50m)

6. Steve Morgan - £950m (up £8m)

7. Henry Engelhardt and Diane Briere de l’Isle - £845m (up £72m)

8. Lawrence Jones and family - £700m (up £385m)

9. John Deer - £608m (down £26m)

10. Mark Watkin Jones and family - £300m (down £50m)

11. Lord Heseltine and family - £281m (down £34m)

=12. Bernard Rees Smith - £265m - (down £40m)

=12. Sir Malcolm Walker and family - £265m (no change)

=14. Richard Griffiths - £240m (down £60m)

=14. Dai and Richard Walters - £240m (up £20m)

16. Sir Stanley and Peter Thomas - £228m (down £12m)

17. Mark Neale - £220m (up £41m)

18. David and Heather Stevens - £212m (up £10m)

19. Catherine Zeta-Jones - £210m (up £2m)

20. Sir Chris Evans - £208m (up £8m)