AN EVER-GROWING festival is returning for its tenth year soon.

Devauden Festival, on May 17 and May 18, will have music, entertainment, activities, workshops and more, with a focus this year on being eco-friendly.

The festival is aiming to minimise single-use plastic, with stall holders using only recyclable materials and disposing of waste in the appropriate recycling bins.

Monmouthshire County Council (MCC) is also on board with the aim to become a more environmentally friendly event. They are eager to help, by providing 20 wheelie bins for the new glass only collection, and a further 12 for paper, cans and general waste.


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Susan Parkinson, the Waste and Recycling Education and Awareness Officer for MCC. said: “Local people in Monmouthshire are among the very best recyclers in Wales with a 65.8 per cent recycling rate.

“We are pleased to be able to help make Devauden Festival eco-friendlier through providing advice on waste reduction alongside our events recycling bins.”

Recycling champions, Barbara Fernyhough and Lorna Keogh will be on hand to help ensure all plastic, glass and paper goes into the special bins provided by MCC, but guests are encouraged to play their part with recycling stations clearly signposted.

South Wales Argus:

Barbara Fernyhough and Lorna Keogh

Devauden Festival 2019 will also launch the Devauden Eco Pint Pot, sponsored by Director of the Kingstone Brewery Ed Biggs and Director of Apple County Cider Co Ben Culpin.

South Wales Argus:

Ed Biggs and Ben Culpin

These reusable glasses can be purchased with your first drink and used throughout the day.

Visitors are also encouraged to minimise the environmental impact of their attendance by using public transport (the recently saved number 69 bus runs between Monmouth and Chepstow, via Devauden, throughout the day) or car sharing.

Tickets are available at