A RESIDENT facing an £80 housing association fine if he does not move a mat from outside his door has vowed "not to move it".

Steven Beaufort, who lives in a Newport City Homes-owned flat, woke up one morning to find a sticker placed on his mat, warning him to remove the "combustible item" or he and his neighbours will pay a share of £80.

Mr Beaufort has derided the fine as "ridiculous".


Resident slams 'stupid' Newport City Homes warning to remove front door mat over 'health and safety concerns'

"I have lived in Malvern Close, Newport for two-and-a-half-years," said the 56-year-old.

"I put the mat outside my door and there has been no problem - until recently.

"It says on the sticker that the mat is a 'combustible item'. It is just ridiculous."

Despite facing a fine, he revealed he will not remove the mat.

"It is not causing any problems," he said.

"The mat was put there so myself and visitors can our wipe shoes before coming into my flat.

"I will not be removing my mat because it is not causing problems. How is it against health and safety to have it?

"In fact, it is more of a health hazard without me having the mat."


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But the deputy director of homes and communities at Newport City Homes, Sharon Wilkins, said residents' safety is the organisation's "highest priority".

She said: “We completely understand that residents may wish to personalise their communal area, however, the safety of all of our residents has always been and continues to be our highest priority.

“Following the introduction of a caretaking service last year, we discovered a number of serious breaches of fire regulations through the storage of items within communal areas.

“Following a review of our communal areas, and with external advice, we are legally required to implement a zero-tolerance approach on all items - no matter how small - left in a communal space.

“This is because these items pose a risk to residents who may need to evacuate in an emergency situation.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, and would ask for our residents’ understanding on this matter.”