Newport has made it into the top 10 of cities with the fastest-moving property market, with homes taking an average of 40 days to sell.

According to research by Zoopla, the average price for a property in Newport, which is number seven in the charts, is £187,842, which is below the Wales average of £194,824.

The average time it takes to sell a property in Wales was 60 days.

Homes for sale in Edinburgh and Falkirk take an average of just 27 days to go under offer - less than half the British average of 56 days, Zoopla said.

Homes across Scotland take 42 days to sell on average. Looking at Britain's nations and regions, the West Midlands has the next fastest selling times, at 46 days.

Zoopla, which analysed home sales in the 50 biggest towns and cities, said Glasgow has the third fastest-moving property market with homes going under offer in an average of 31 days.

Elsewhere in Scotland, Stirling is in fourth place (32 days), with Cardiff and Coventry in fifth place (37 days).

At the other end of the spectrum, homes in Blackpool take the longest to go under offer at 71 days on average, a day longer than properties in London.

Zoopla also looked at the most commonly sold property types.

It found that in Manchester a three-bedroom semi-detached is the most popular, while in Bristol a three-bedroom terrace is the most commonly purchased. In London, two-bedroom flats top the list.

Annabel Dixon, of Zoopla, said: "The key is to get your pricing correct, meaning the best way to sell your home quickly is to ask for its true value given the current market.

"Over-priced homes won't shift and may have to be discounted and on the flip side nobody wants to sell for less than their property is worth."