A PETROL station in Newport has been granted a licence to sell alcohol around the clock – including on Good Friday and Christmas Day.

The new licence means residents will be able to buy alcohol at Esso on Chepstow Road 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Alcohol can currently be bought at Esso on Chepstow Road from 8am and 11pm Monday to Saturday, and between 10am and 10.30pm on Sundays.

Restrictions on selling alcohol on Good Friday and Christmas Day will also be removed under the licence conditions.

The application was granted after owners MRH Newport agreed to several conditions suggested by council licensing officers.


These include that there will be no sale of single cans of beer, lager or cider from the premises.

A CCTV system will also be installed, or the existing one maintained, and images will be provided to the police or council licensing officer within 24 hours of request.

A CCTV camera will be positioned to cover the night pay window, and the system will be operational throughout the petrol station’s opening hours.

The entrance door to the shop will also be closed to customers between the hours of 11pm and 6am, with any sales between these hours made through the night pay window.

Conditions also state that spirits cannot be bought at the self-service machines, except for spirit mixtures.

Staff at the petrol station will be trained to prevent the sale of alcohol to underage customers, with all refusals of sales recorded in a register.

The licence application was due to be decided by the council’s licensing sub-committee on Monday, but as the applicant agreed to meet further conditions beforehand it was not required to be discussed.