A 10-year-old boy who says he was bullied in school over his love of musical theatre and drama has answered his critics in the best possible way - by performing on stage in London's West End.

Charlie Wilson, from the Caerphilly county Borough, says the bulling at his primary school - where he was mocked for his love of singing and dancing - got so bad that he had to move schools last year.

He is faring well though as he has just completed a performance of A Trouble’s A Brewin’ at Her Majesty’s Royal Theatre in London’s West End.

The production was arranged by the Pauline Quirke Academy (PQA) in Cardiff and gave the members a taste of the West End. Charlie only joined the PQA in February this year and was given a part as a towns person due to production having already started. Charlie also got to meet Pauline Quirke at the London production.

Charlie said: "Wow, went to Her Majesty’s theatre to perform A Troubles A Brewin, I was amazed to see Pauline Quirke. Before going on stage I was a bit nervous but when the curtains went up, I felt privileged and honoured to be on the West End stage, then super emotional when we left the stage door to screams and cheering from our families."

His mum, Rachael Wilson said she was in awe of her son.


“Charlie is a confident chatty bubbly boy, with a creative imagination. He moved schools last September due to being bullied for doing his drama and singing," she said.

"I am in awe of him going through all that and still smiling.”

"I was a super emotional mum. Watching my son perform on the West End stage was the most amazing experience. I'm so proud - words can not describe what the heart feels at that moment, or any other of your children’s life achievements."

Alongside the Pauline Quirke Academy, Charlie has been part of the Stage Coach drama group in Rogerstone since he was eight. He was placed in the advance stage for their production of Into the Woods, playing the prince’s steward and a mysterious man.

He also takes part in Pontypool group Superstars in The Making and has been there for just over a year.

South Wales Argus:

(Charlie in action on stage)

He has performed as three evil monkeys in a production of The Wizard of Oz, a narrator, and a solo singer in a variety show. Charlie’s younger brother also attends the Pontypool stage school because Charlie is there.

Charlie has passed his PAA exam with distinction, playing Carlos from Disney film Descendants and his LAMDA grade 1 exam with distinction in November with the songs ‘Consider Yourself’ from ‘Oliver’ and ‘Naughty’ from ‘Matilda’. He is also having singing lessons from Stage Star Vocal School tutor Laura Robinson, learning musical theatre songs.

He has recently auditioned for a part in a Netflix animated film and will be in a nativity play this December in the Welsh capital.

Charlie also recently filmed part of a horror movie called Wither in Bristol where he played a child classroom extra.

Although his schedule looks and sounds hectic, his family ensure that he still has a proper childhood where he gets plenty of time to play with his friends and younger brother and his favourite video game Fortnite.

South Wales Argus:

(Charlie in the studio)

He was also supposed to have an audition for School of Rock stage show but did not attend due to his school SATS and the length of time he would have had to be awake.

Young Charlie has a busy time ahead of himself as he works towards November’s grade 2 LAMDA exam, perfecting renditions of ‘Almost Nearly Perfect’ from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and ‘On Your Way Home’ from James and the Giant Peach.

He will also be performing as young Abel in the Stage Coach Summer production of Children of Eden, Kaa and Shere Khan with Superstars in the Making for their Summer production of Jungle Book.