THE story of a boy from the Welsh valleys who transformed himself into an iconic wrestling superstar had been adapted for the silver screen.

You May Be Pretty, But I Am Beautiful: The Adrian Street Story, features interviews both in the U.K. and U.S. with wrestling stars such as WWE’s Mick Foley, Adrian’s family, colleagues, friends, wrestling fans and the man himself Adrian Street.

Two contrasting strands of Adrian’s life are explored - how he escapes a bleak childhood and his Technicolor rise to wrestling infamy.

You May Be Pretty, But I Am Beautiful: The Adrian Street Story was conceived after Director Joann Randles endeavour to find a real story that was untold but unique.

She wanted to find a story that would not only resonate with audiences but would also be compelling and thoroughly entertaining. In Adrian Joann saw a story about a young man, who against all the odds, pursued his dreams and paved the way for change.


Joann Randles, 30, originally from Pembrokeshire, has worked as a professional freelance filmmaker and photographer for over 10 years.

Recently, she was a finalist at the Wales Media Awards 2019 and currently a finalist for a Chwarae Teg, Womenspire Award, in the ‘Creative and Media’ category 2019.

The documentary has taken two years to complete, with Ms Randles predominantly filming and editing the entire production

This documentary production has not received any government grants, loans or charitable funds and was made purely from Joann’s freelance earnings with the support of her family.

The premiere has been scheduled for 7.30pm on May 16. It will take place at The Market Hall Cinema in Brynmawr.

Call 01495 310576 for details.