THE head teacher of a secondary school in Newport will leave at the end of the current term.

Karyn Keane, who has been head teacher of Newport High School for nine years, will soon be leaving to “pursue other career opportunities”.

A spokeswoman from Newport City Council confirmed Mrs Keane's resignation and expressed thanks for her service.

She said: “After nine years as head teacher of Newport High School, Mrs Karyn Keane will leave the school at the end of the term to pursue other career opportunities.

“Mrs Keane has shown strong leadership and ensured the school’s recent progress which has been reflected in the positive Estyn monitoring reviews.

“She is held in high regard by Newport City Council, the school, governors and the Education Achievement Service and is thanked for her service.

“Plans are currently being developed to ensure the school continues in this upward direction and it is recognised that strong leadership is very important."


She added: “Newport City Council and the Education Achievement Service will continue to provide maximum support to the school.”

The spokeswoman also said that contingency plans would be made for the coming term, with a permanent head teacher position advertised later in the year.

Newport High School has for the last two years been judged to be 'red' by Estyn.

The Welsh Government releases the school bandings annually and gives schools one of four ratings - green for the best, then yellow, amber and red for the worst.