IT’S looking like it will be another sunny day, but with many working here’s your daily dose of traffic updates.

Here’s what we know so far:

There is heavy traffic on the M4 westbound between J26 (Malpas Road) and J28 (Tredegar Park).

There were delays of eight minutes on Forge Road Southbound between A467 and M4 (Tredegar Park), with an average speed five mph.

There were delays of six minutes, which are increasing, between J28 (Tredegar Park) and J25 (Caerleon) on the M4 eastbound with an average speed of 20mph.

There were also four minute delays between J28 and J26 (Malpas Road).

There were minor delays, of two minutes, on the M4 eastbound between J25 and J24, with an average speed of 25mph.


We will update this story with any further traffic news as we get it.