THE newly-formed Brexit Party will win two MEPs in next week's European Parliament election, with Labour and Plaid Cymru snapping up the other two, a new poll has suggested.

The YouGov poll showed a massive surge in support for Nigel Farage's party, with big drops for Labour, the Conservatives and Ukip.

If the results are correct, Brexit Party candidates Nathan Gill - who was elected as an MEP for Wales in 2014 on a Ukip ticket but later left the party - and James Wells will win seats in Brussels in the election on Thursday, May 23. Meanwhile, Labour's Jacqueline Jones will be elected and Plaid Cymru's Jill Evans will retain the seat she has held since 1999.


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This will mean the Conservatives will lose the single seat they have held since 1999. Change UK, the Green Party, the Liberal Democrats and Ukip will also fail to win representation, assuming the poll is correct.

Changes in support levels since a similar poll was carried out in April:

  • The Brexit Party - 33 per cent (up 23 per cent)
  • Labour - 18 per cent (down 12 per cent)
  • Plaid Cymru - 16 per cent (up one per cent)
  • The Liberal Democrats - 10 per cent (up four per cent)
  • The Green Party - eight per cent (up three per cent)
  • Conservatives - seven per cent (down nine per cent)
  • Change UK - four per cent (down four per cent)
  • Ukip - three per cent (down eight per cent)

The YouGov poll was carried out on behalf of Plaid Cymru, with 1,133 people surveyed between Thursday, May 10, and Wednesday, May 15.

European Parliament election candidates

Change UK - The Independent Group:

1 Jonathan Owen Jones

2. June Caris Davies

3. Matthew Graham Paul

4. Sally Anne Stephenson


1. Daniel Stephen Boucher

2. Craig James Robert Lawton

3. Fay Alicia Jones

4. Tomos Dafydd Davies

Green Party:

1. Anthony David Slaughter

2. Ian Roy Chandler

3. Ceri John Davies

4. Duncan Rees


1. Jacqueline Margarete Jones

2. Matthew James Dorrance

3. Mary Felicity Wimbury

4. Mark Jeffrey Denley Whitcutt

Liberal Democrats:

1. Sam Bennett

2. Donna Louise Lalek

3. Alistair Ronald Cameron

4. Andrew John Parkhurst

Plaid Cymru:

1. Jill Evans

2. Carman Ria Smith

3. Patrick Robert Anthony McGuinness

4. Ioan Rhys Bellin

The Brexit Party:

1. Nathan Lee Gill

2. James Freeman Wells

3. Gethin James

4. Julie Anne Price


1. Kristian Philip Hicks

2. Keith Callum Edwards

3. Thomas George Harrison

4. Robert Michael McNeil-Wilson