SLEEPING pods in Newport have helped taken six homeless people off the streets in the last three months.

The pods have been hailed as "life-savers" for the support they've given rough sleepers in the city.

Helen Lloyd-Jeng, who volunteers for Amazing Grace Spaces - the charity behind the pods - says the innovative solution have helped save lives in Newport.

South Wales Argus:

(Inside the pod)

She said: "The pods have saved six people.

"That is amazing. It gives us a sense of purpose and shows that the pods really do work.

"Rough sleepers are out there in all weather. We have saved lives.

"Some of those who we have helped have been on the streets for a long time. But we have worked with them to pave the way for them to go into supported housing. To have achieved that in such a short space of time is spectacular."


Mrs Lloyd-Jeng added that the pods are now temporarily housing another two rough sleepers.

"These will soon be another two people who we have helped," she said.

"The pods help to get rough sleepers into a non-chaotic life and back into a form of normality."

She also said the charity hopes to have more pods dotted across the city soon.

The charity was able to arrange for the current two pods to be sited in the city centre after a businessman gave permission for them to be placed on land at the back of his site.

The pods - which costs between five to six thousand pounds each - give access to a bed, light, toilet and phone charger.