A SIX-YEAR-OLD from Newport whose search for a bone marrow transplant has inspired tens of thousands across the world has suffered a set-back.

The search for a bone marrow donor for Marley Nicholls is still ongoing.

Marley, from Bettws is in desperate need for a transplant, and the past two weeks have seen Marley decline ahead of his seventh birthday.

He recently suffered a reaction to one of his medications, leaving him unable to breathe properly and meaning that his medication had to be changed and daily IV infusions had to be given.


Dad Joe Nicholls told the Argus: " He's had a bad couple of weeks. He had a bad reaction to one of his medications that helps keep viruses at bay. For the past two weeks, he's had to go in to have the new medication every day, rather than every couple of days.

"Now he's improved and doesn't have to go in daily.

"Marley hasn't been too bad at the moment."

In a post on the Marrow for Marley Facebook page, his mum Shaney Truman said: “We have been going back and forth to London every week for 7 weeks now and then going to our local hospital every day was just crippling.

“Marley’s mental health has been good through all of this but I noticed a real decline when being in [hospital] every day and that was so hard to see. It was suffocating and really draining but since we have had some well-deserved days off, he’s been a lot better.”

More than 40,000 people have signed up to the bone marrow donor register as a direct result of Marley’s campaign, yet still no match has been found.

Young Marley turns seven on May 29 and, due to requests from supporters of the campaign, a postal address has been provided for people to send Marley a card.

Mr Nicholls added: It's been amazing. We've had lots of people wanting to send him a card. People from America and Australia have too. So we set up where people can send them."

Each birthday, Marley counts all his birthday cards and would love to see cards from people who have supported his campaign.

Cards can be sent to Nando’s in Newport Retail Park where they will be delivered to the family by a friend who works at the restaurant.

The full address is Marrow for Marley, Nando’s, Newport Retail Park, Spytty Rd, Newport. NP19 4QR.

If you're aged between 16 and 30 you can sign up to the donor register at https://www.anthonynolan.org/.

For those aged 17 to 55 you can register at https://www.dkms.org.uk/en .