A CONFERENCE on the weird and wacky world of all things paranormal is landing soon.

Newport UFO and paranormal conference is taking over Newport’s Lysaght Institute, on Orb Drive, on Sunday June 9 with plenty on offer for believers and sceptics.

South Wales Argus:

Lysaght Institute will host this unusual event (Picture: Jaggery/Geograph) 

The day, organised by Danielle Sheahan, will feature speakers, demonstrations, readings, crystals, stalls and more. 

South Wales Argus:

Organiser Danielle Sheahan with husband and guest speaker, Frank

The fun kicks off at 9.15am with Emlyn Williams and Mike Maunder from Swansea UFO Network (SUFON) sharing news on some unusual cases in South Wales. 

Following this, Guy Steven Needler – an author and pioneer in spiritual physics – will share his experience with a UFO craft and discuss his work with travelling dimensions, communications with God, and the spirit world.

Sharon Barbour – who wrote The Light Within Atlantis, and Heavenly Guidance, among other books – will also be at hand, enlightening guests on Atlantic, ascension beings and incarnation.

Frank Sheahan discusses a parnormal encounter near West Usk Lighthouse

Although tea and coffee are provided, those attending are advised to bring their own lunch and snacks.

The afternoon session will kick off with author, Steve Parsons, who is part of the Society of Physical Research Spontaneous Cases committee which focuses on unusual activity involving ghosts and poltergeists.

Welsh mediums, Sian Friend and Bill Nicholson will demonstrate their work communicating with the spirit realm.

From 3.30pm, UFO researcher and physical medium John Blackburn will talk about his research on Rendlesham Forest and his physical mediumship ability.

Concluding proceedings will be Mrs Sheahan’s husband, Frank Sheahan summarising the Scole Experiments in Britain in the 90s.

Frank Sheahan summaries the Scole Experiments

The UFO and paranormal conference will run alongside a mind, body and spirit fair with yoga and tai chi sessions.

There is free parking on site and nearby.

Non-conference tickets are £3, or £30 for the conference. To book your place visit https://bit.ly/2VG6XqS