A Cwmbran company has released a sports version of its sunscreen applicator to help sportsmen and women keep a grip on their game this summer.

The Solar Buddies applicator was originally designed and developed to help apply sunscreen to children while minimising mess and waste. It features a unique, patent protected rollerball and sponge combination on a refillable bottle.

Laura Griffin, co-founder of Solar Buddies, said: “When Kelli (Aspland) and I set up Solar Buddies we were specifically aiming it for use on children. We have seen how it’s also proven to be very popular with adults along with the elderly and children with sensory needs.

"We have now sold more than 70,000 units across the UK and have expanded into overseas markets including the US and Australia.

“Our aim is to develop new markets and while researching how it could benefit others, one of our customers wrote and told us that her father was using her applicator on the golf course while he played his round. It meant he didn't leave sunscreen on his hands and thereby did not affect his grip on his golf clubs.”

This made perfect sense to Laura and Kelli who then started asking friends and family members who played outdoor sports what they did to protect themselves while out in the sun.

Kelli Aspland said: “The vast majority said they put sunscreen on before playing but didn’t bother after starting because if they were playing a sport that involved using their hands they didn’t want to reapply because messy/slippery hands would effect the grip on their equipment.

"While this is understandable it is also means that their skin is at risk of being damaged by the harmful rays of the sun especially when you factor in them sweating and wiping themselves down with towels.”

To promote the launch of the sports version, Solar Buddies has teamed up with skin cancer charity The Melanoma Fund to support their Slip! Slap! Swing! campaign by donating 10 per cent from every sale of a Solar Buddie Sport bottle. The Slip! Slap! Swing! campaign is aimed to help raise awareness to golfers while they are out on the course and is widely supporting by the golfing community.

Solar Buddies is also supporting the Melanoma Fund’s Outdoor Kids Sun Safety Code Campaign, the only sun protection initiative designed for children in sport and organised outdoor activities.

Solar Buddies Sport has already received strong interest from independent sports clubs and associations as well as national sports organisations who are interested in providing the product to their members.