A YOUNG child has had a miracle recovery after the top of her finger was cut off by a closing door.

*WARNING: Graphic images below*

Last month, the Argus reported that a young girl lost part of her finger after getting it caught in her front door.

Luckily for five-year-old Lexi Probert-Williams from Hendre Farm in Newport, expert predictions of her not being able to have her finger reattached were wrong.

Her finger is back on, and the nail has even grown back in the same place.

Mum Kelly Probert-Williams, 40, said: “The hospital said she would lose the finger but luckily it has turned out well.

“They even put her original nail back in and it has grown back in exactly the same place.”


“She has done brilliantly, I can’t fault her."

Lexi’s recovery has been miraculous, however, it has not been without a few hitches.

Ms Probert-Williams explained: "To start with, she was having nightmares following the accident, screaming ‘my finger! My finger!’ but this has passed now.

“We are finding it hard to take the bandage off to expose it as she doesn’t like it. If the bandage has been taken off, Lexi will not go out.

“We’ve been back and for to the hospital as it keeps bleeding when she has caught it,” added Mrs Probert-Williams.

South Wales Argus:

(The stages of Lexi's recovery)

“I can’t praise the NHS enough. They’ve been amazing, seeing her straight away.

“It was bleeding badly on Sunday, we took her into the hospital and they saw her straight away and cleaned it up.

South Wales Argus:

(The finger has now been successfully reattached)

“We had to wait three hours after that to see a plastic surgeon but, we knew that Lexi’s treatment was always being thought of. We weren’t just waiting around for a doctor, we were waiting for the most experienced one.”