A SCHOOL has made massive inroads in tackling traffic and parking problems thanks to a pioneering scheme - and its pupils are at the heart of it.

Blaenavon Heritage VC Primary School, in Torfaen, had been plagued with congestion and illegal parking for years, but could not find a solution.

Teacher Charlie Booth said: "There is no drop-off point and the road is very narrow.

"So in the mornings parents ended up stopping in the road or on double yellow lines to drop their children off. The traffic would then build up."

But traffic congestion and illegal parking were no longer serious issues after the school signed up to the Heddlu Bach - 'mini police - scheme late last year.

"I went to a few meetings and thought it was great," said Mr Booth.

"The scheme allows children to make positive interventions in lots of areas. For example, pupils talk to the community and develop links with people.

"The Heddlu Bach scheme empowers the pupils and allows them to tackle problems. One problem they tackle for us is traffic.

"We have definitely seen inroads be made since we got involved with the scheme."


The scheme involves pupils donning a police uniform and patrolling outside the school gates.

They can also issue drivers with an awareness leaflet, if they have parked illegally.

"The drivers are not punished, but are educated," he said.

"Our Heddlu Bach officers make drivers stop and think. The children have definitely raised awareness.

"Other schools are also apart of the Heddlu Bach scheme and have chosen to concentrate in other areas."

Heddlu Bach is a scheme run throughout Gwent where youngsters have the opportunity to help make a difference in their community.

Gwent Police and Crime Commissioner Jeff Cuthbert praised the scheme this year, saying: "[It] not only offers young people an opportunity to help address the issues which matter most to them, but also provides a real taste of policing at an early age.”