TALKS have begun with people whose locations could be set to feature in the Christmas Day special of Barry Island-based sitcom Gavin & Stacey.

Actor, chat show host and comedian James Corden recently tweeted news that the iconic sitcom would return for a one-off show.

Co-writer, Ruth Jones said they had secretly plotted to bring the show back and had been sitting on the script for two years.

Filming will take place in Barry once again and all those whose locations featured in the three series hope loose ends will be tied up while viewers discover what happened to the characters since they were last seen.

Gavin & Stacey aired over three series, plus a Christmas special, from 2007 to 2010 on the BBC.

It told the story of Gavin, of Essex, and Stacey, of Barry, who fell in love and married after speaking on the phone to each other every day at work.

The 2010 New Year's Day finale was watched by more than 10.2 million viewers.


Barry Island café owner, Marco Zeraschi, whose premises featured, said: “Since the announcement that there was a Gavin & Stacey Christmas special, I’ve never seen so many people take a photo of the four characters by the café.

“It’s Gavin & Stacey fever all over again.

“I’ll be watching on Christmas Day and I don’t care if the turkey is ready or not.

“The buzz is back. The show has given us a sense of pride in the island – it reflects it in a positive way, the friendliness and the fun you can have on the island.

“All the crew and cast love it here – it’s absorbed in their pores.

“I love these people.”

Husband and wife Andrew and Hilary Phillips, who own Island Leisure – home of Nessa’s Slots, are also ready to feature.

Mrs Phillips said: “We are really excited.

“It’s great news for Barry Island.

“Since they were last here the bingo has gone and the cash registers.

“Nessa will need extra training.

“We’ve still got the notice up saying: “Nessa has the day off”.

Boofy’s, Codfather of Sole, also in Barry Island, was the backdrop for the chip-eating, wall scene on, what was then thought to be, the final shot.

Chip shop manager, Karen Jones said: “We want to see how they’ve done. Gavin and Stacey’s baby, baby Neil, did Nessa and Smithy get together?

“We’ve had people from Australia and other countries.

“They come in and want to sit on the wall.”

And grandmother Glenda Kenyon, 65, whose Trinity Street, Barry, home is transformed into Stacey’s pad, revealed that Ruth Jones had paid her a surprise visit in April this year, but hadn't divulged any news.

Mrs Kenyon has welcomed more than 30,000 visitors since the show first aired and the RSPCA and Barry lifeboat have benefitted from their donations.

Mrs Kenyon added: “I did ask her about what happened on the fishing trip and Gavin and Stacey’s baby, but she never said anything.”