ONE year ago today Newport's best renown boxer was eternalized with a six-foot statue.

Cheers of excitement drowned out all other background noises on that fateful day along the Riverfront as hundreds of people gathered to see the unveiling of a statue of their hero, David 'Bomber' Pearce.

The South Wales Argus backed the Newport's Rocky campaign, previously set up in 2016 by the late boxer's nephew Luke, and it went on to raise £61,000 to fund the statue.

South Wales Argus:

One year after the unveiling, nephew Luke Pearce said: "I felt David Pearce deserved a lasting memorial due to his selfless commitment to his sport and the Newport community as a whole.

"It has gone so quick, but the charity has raised more funds especially now we are the Mayor of Newport's Charity of the year.

"It was a historic moment.

"We have done some great things for the wider community across Newport and South Wales and I am really proud of that.

"David 'Bomber' Pearce's statue is the inspiration and catalyst for everything we are able to achieve for others.

"Since the June 9 2018, we have had great admiration from people all over the country and the United Kingdom, including overseas supporters. This makes me very proud for myself, the committee and the City of Newport."

South Wales Argus:

(Luke Pearce with the statue)

During the unveiling, David Pearce's son, David Powell-Pearce, previously said: "It's amazing, overwhelming. I am so emotional.

"Children will be able to see it for years to come."

The son died in January aged just 40.

Dubbed by many as Newport’s own Rocky, David 'Bomber' Pearce was a former steelworker who had his first professional fight in 1978. He followed this with a succession of wins before he defeated the three-time world light heavyweight champion Dennis Andries in 1981.

But the high-point was to come two years later at St David’s Hall in Cardiff in 1983 when David fought Swansea’s Neville Meade to become the Welsh and British heavyweight champion - a title he never lost in the ring.

The boxer died in 2000.