CAR parking charges will be increasing throughout Caerphilly county borough from Monday July 1.

The increases will affect car parks in Blackwood, Bargoed, Caerphilly and Ystrad Mynach, with hourly and daily rates going up by 20p.

In places that allow weekly parking, the current charge will increase by £1.

At the moment in Blackwood, there are nine pay and display council car parks: Court House, Thorncombe Road No. 2, Thorncombe Road No. 3, Cliff Road, Wesley Road, High Street, Woodbine Road, Bus Station and Market Traders.

From July 1, charges for Court House, Thorncombe Road Nos. 2 and 3, and Cliff Road will be 70p for one hour, 90p for two hours, £1.10 for three hours, £1.40 for four hours and £2 for a day.

Weekly parking permits are available for the above four car parks and these will be £1 dearer, at £10. Monthly permits will be £20 dearer at £105, and the yearly permits will increase by 10 per cent of their current price, from £350 to £385.

Parking at Wesley Road will also be charged at 70p for one hour, 90p for two hours, £1.10 for three hours, £1.40 for four hours and £2 for a day.

The High Street, Woodbine Road, bus station and market traders' car parks will charge 70p for one hour, £1 for two hours, £1.40 for three hours and £3.70 for a day.


If you are a non-resident of Libanus Road, in Blackwood, but park there, you will be charged £220 a year from July 1.

Residents of Libanus Road, Highland Terrace and Gordon Road will be charged £83 for their yearly permit, an increase of £6.

Prices at Ystrad Mynach’s Oakfield Street car park will rise too, with an hour charged at 60p, two hours at 70p, three hours at 90p, four hours at £1.20 and day parking at £1.70. The weekly charge will be increased by £1 to £8.50.

The Emporium and Gwladys Street car parks in Bargoed will have the same charges as Blackwood High Street, as will Caerphilly’s Crescent Road long stay, Bedwas Road and Station Terrace car parks.

But Caerphilly's Crescent Road short stay car park will have the same charges as Blackwood's Court House car park (see above).

Twyn in Caerphilly will see the day ticket rise from £6 to £6.20, and a three-hour stay will rise to £2. Four-hour stays will cost £3.70, a single hour stay will cost 80p, and a two-hour stay will see your pocket £1.40 lighter.