THE FINAL episode in an award-winning series exploring world class artists hits the big screen soon.

Van Gogh & Japan – which journeys from the critically acclaimed exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam, to the beauty of Provence, and the enigma of Japan itself – will be aired at cinemas nationwide.

The 90-minute programme features Van Gogh’s personal letters, written accounts by friends, and insights from contemporary artists, including calligrapher Tomoko Kawao and performance artist Tatsumi Orimoto.


As well as investigating the expression of Van Gogh’s ‘japonisme’ the film explores how Japanese society has developed an affinity to Van Gogh’s work as a result of his engagement with their culture

David Bickerstaff, director of Van Gogh & Japan, said: “The brilliant thing about working on a film about Van Gogh is the richness of insight one can gain from his letters and just looking closely at his artworks.”

Van Gogh & Japan will be screened at Savoy Theatre, Monmouth, on June 20, at 8pm.

Book your tickets by visiting or calling 01600 772467.