THE company running the Newport radiator factory which went bust on Monday should be "ashamed" of the way workers were told they were losing their jobs, a Welsh minister has said.

On Monday the Argus broke the news that workers turning up for their shifts at Quinn Radiators Ltd in Imperial Park had been met by administrators, who told them the company had gone into administration and they had lost their jobs.

Around 280 people were made immediately redundant without any prior warning.


280 jobs lost at Newport's Quinn Radiators Limited as task force set up to help those affected

And speaking to the media on Tuesday morning, the Welsh Government's economy and transport minister Ken Skates said the way employees at the factory had been treated was "appalling".

"There was no sympathy at all in the way they went about informing the workforce," he said.

"Those who made the decision to allow the administrators to inform the workforce at the gates should feel ashamed today."

He added: "That is no way to treat a workforce, and I share their anger, disappointment and dismay at the way the company have treated their loyal workers - people who have been incredibly committed to the company."

But Mr Skates was keen to point out that this - along with last week's news that Ford is to close its Bridgend plant, with 1,700 set to lose their jobs - was not an indicator of a downturn in the Welsh economy.

The unemployment rate in Wales between January and March this year was 4.5 per cent - up slightly on the previous three months, but down overall in comparison with the same period last year. But this figure is higher than the UK average of 3.8 per cent.

Mr Skates added the Welsh Government would continue to support companies seeking to invest in Wales and employ Welsh people - but only under specific conditions.

In 2016, Quinn Radiators was given £3 million loan support from the Welsh Government to create 120 new jobs at its Newport base.

An open meeting will be held at the Newport Centre tomorrow, Wednesday, from 9am until 1pm, where former employees of the facility will be able to learn how to claim redundancy pay and other related matters.