A GROUP of travellers who set up an illegal encampment on Beechwood Park have now left.

Around six caravans and other vehicles turned up on the site last Friday.

The same group had only days before been removed from grounds near Caerleon RFC - with locals claiming that the group have taken to empting chemical toilets and defecating underneath the rugby posts.


A joint visit between Newport City Council and Gwent Police officers took place on the day where a Section 61 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 - power to remove trespassers on land - was possibly going to be used, it was understood.

Pictures had also surfaced of rubbish having been dumped at the grounds.

South Wales Argus:

St Julian's resident Mike Enea previously said: "I have contacted police about this.

"And if it turns out that it is the same travellers who have gone to Beechwood Park then police need to get involved."