A CHURCH in Talywain is being forced to close its doors for the final time this month after almost 200 years.

Pisgah Baptist Church held its first baptism in 1827, but the congregation is being forced to leave after the building was deemed to be unsafe.

John Williams, 71, the secretary and treasurer of Pisgah Baptist Church, said that although the church was closing, the congregation would not be disbanded.


“We had a survey done and they said the building is unsafe,” he said. “It showed the building was infested with dry rot, wet rot, and woodworm.

“We were told that it would cost between £40,000 and £60,000 to repair.

“Although the building is closing, the church is not.

South Wales Argus:

(Copy of a 1927 photo of the Deacons, Secretaries and Pastor at the Pisgah Baptist Church in Talywain. christinsleyphotography.co.uk)

“Small as it is, the congregation will be continuing to worship temporarily at the local pensioner's hall.

“From there, it is the congregation’s decision where we go next. Our role is to tend to their needs.”

In 2014, the church sold its adjoining school room to be developed into flats in order to fund renovations, as the roof was leaking and some of the walls needed to be renovated.

“After we sold the school room, we thought that we would be able to stay at the church forever,” said Mr Williams.

South Wales Argus:

(Members of the Pisgah Baptist Church congregation outside the Sunday School building in 2014 as they had to sell the Sunday School in an effort to keep the church open.)

“But it is very unsafe. We have spent a lot of money on it over the years, but the original woodwork is still there. The woodworm is in the original balcony.

“It has got me down over the last year, but we have to trust in what we do.

“All I am concerned with is moving our congregation elsewhere for their safety.”

The final service will be held on Sunday June 30.