TREDEGAR House, in Newport, has been awarded more than £200,000 towards a project to develop volunteering, well-being and play opportunities.

The venue, owned by National Trust, is involved with the three-year Healthy Active Partnership Project (HAPPy).

The project, supported by the Welsh Government, aims to support the development of good mental health, encourage activity in young people and promote healthy, active lifestyles for those living nearby.

The Welsh Government have awarded Tredegar House £247,964 over a three year period as part of their Healthy and Active Fund.

Working with partners Newport Mind, Duffryn Community Link and Growing Space, the HAPPy project will:

  • Explore play opportunities and research options for new wild play areas for young people.
  • Test interventions to improve activity and mental health with horticultural and woodland activities.
  • Offer active volunteering opportunities for managing and improving woodland areas and increasing fitness levels.
  • Offer Yoga, Tai Chi and mindfulness in the outdoors as part of a wider well-being programme for adults, as well as early year’s yoga for children.
  • Offer healthy eating and healthy living workshops promoting a rounded healthy lifestyle.

Tredegar House General Manager, Rhiannon Gamble, said: “We are thrilled to have been successful in our application.

“The HAPPy project will help us to continue working closely with some of our existing partners, but it will also help us build new relationships with those communities looking to support a healthy and active Wales.

“This fund gives us the chance to get to know and engage with our wider community, with the well-being benefits of the Tredegar House’s outdoor spaces helping move us towards a healthier Newport.”


The project will begin by establishing a project team, before kicking off over the summer holidays.