A SCOUT leader is looking to raise money for his group by running the Mic Morris 10K, but has added an extra level of difficulty.

Adrian Parry-Welson will take to the course wearing a 35lbs rucksack and army boots.

Mr Parry-Welson has led the 1st Garndiffaith Scouts for 11 years, and is looking to raise money to keep the group going.

"I try to do one fundraising event every year," he said. "I want to raise as much money as possible for the group. Garndiffaith isn't an affluent area. There is a lot of people struggling.


"To keep the group going we were told by the treasurer that we needed to raise about £900-a-year.

"We have about 30 children across Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. We are also struggling for leaders.

"Both my boys were in the Scouts. I was asked to come in and show them how to change a punctured tyre, and then helped out on a couple of walks. It all started from there really.

"I want to get out with the kids and for them to go out and have fun.


Road closures announced for next month's Mic Morris 10K race from Blaenavon to Pontypool.

"When we have those weekends away camping, they have such a good time.

"I'm just trying to do what I can to be able to continue providing them with those opportunities."

The Mic Morris 10K takes place from Blaenavon to Pontypool Active Living Centre on Sunday, July 14.

If you would like to donate, you can visit

Mr Parry-Welson's Gofundme page