WE are today launching our month-long food bank appeal - and are calling on the people of Gwent to join us in supporting the most vulnerable in society.

The South Wales Argus led an appeal last year, too, and we managed to leave Newport Foodbank full to the brim.

But just one year later disturbing statistics have emerged, showing that in the last six months Newport Foodbank has handed out 12 tonnes of food.

The rise in users has also resulted in the food bank relocating to the city centre to use a bigger premises.

South Wales Argus:

Jon Slocombe with volunteers

We are confident, however, we can help the centre again - but we need your help.

Argus editor Nicole Garnon said: “Newport Foodbank do a tremendous job in assisting those who are in need.

“Our last appeal helped many of those in dire need. We will do everything we can to do the same this time too.”

Manager Jon Slocombe said any items received would be greatly appreciated.

“We are short of standard, every day food,” he said.

“We are also short of toiletries, shampoo and other basics.

“We had quite a large stock that has now run down. We collected roughly three tonnes of food at Christmas and have used all of that.”


But Mr Slocombe warned that if you are to donate food to first check that items are still in date.

“We try to ensure that people come in with dignity and leave with long-standing food,” said Mr Slocombe.

“Please do not give out-of-date items.

“We need produce to feed people in crisis.”

He added: “We appreciate the support that the South Wales Argus and others have given us.

“So long as we receive donations, I believe we can continue to help those who rely on us for their food.”

Items needed by Newport Foodbank include: Tinned fish, coffee, tinned fruit, milk, rice pudding, custard, tinned tomatoes and toiletries.

If you would like to donate any of the above, you can visit Newport Foodbank along Corn Street on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays.