MONMOUTH AM Nick Ramsay will fight to be re-elected for the third time in the 2021 Assembly Election.

Mr Ramsay was first elected to the seat in 2007, succeeding party colleague David Davies after he was elected to represent the consistency in Westminster, and successfully defended it in the two subsequent Assembly Elections in 2011 and 2016.

And now the constituency's Conservative association has re-selected him to fight for the seat again in the 2021 Assembly Election.


Mr Ramsay said he was "proud" to be re-selected.

"This is a crucial time for Wales," he said. "Along with spending your money, the Assembly is now able to raise income tax as well.

"Monmouth needs a strong local voice to hold the Labour-controlled Welsh Government to account - as shadow minister for finance and chairman of the influential Public Accounts Committee I scrutinise public expenditure in Wales on your behalf every day.”

Chairman of the Monmouth Conservative Association Mark Brown said: “The Assembly legislates over many areas that affect our day-to-day lives, including education, health, housing and transport.

"Propped up by the Liberal Democrats and Plaid Cymru, Labour has continued to fail us.

"If you elect Nick and our other Welsh Conservative candidates, they can lead a Welsh Government that tackles our many challenges and grasps all the opportunities of Brexit and devolution.”

Mr Ramsay lives in Raglan with his wife Jennifer and baby son James. He previously served on Monmouthshire County Council as ward member for Mardy.

His first election in 2007 saw the Conservative majority fall by two per cent. Although his majority fell again in 2011, by 8.2 per cent, and in 2016, by four per cent, he still won the seat by a comfortable margin, with Labour never coming closer than within 5,147 votes of unseating him.