QUITE an unexpected visit was paid to the Royal Show by the Prince of Wales, when there was a record attendance, close to 70,000 persons paying for admission.

His Royal Highness, who was accompanied by the Marquis of Hute, Lord Claud Hamilton, Sir Godfrey Thomas and Sir Gilbert Greenall, was in a grey lounge suit and soft grey hat, and when he made his way to the Horse Ring, it was some moments before he was recognised for his other public appearances have always been in uniform.

However, when he was seen congratulating a winner in one of the jumping competitions, a greater cheer went up and the party moved off to visit the Horticultural Exhibition.

here the Prince noticed Lance Corporal Longe, was wearing the ribbon of the Military Medal and he immediately went up and shook hands, with the delighted soldier.

After inspecting the magnificent exhibits of orchids, roses and sweet peas in which he evinced and special interest, his Royal Highness left for the cattle section.

By this time the news that the Prince was present had spread and it was only with the greatest difficulty that he reached the dairy, which he had expressed a desire to see Her. He chatted with the ladies who were giving exhibitions of butter and cheese making, and thence proceeded to the cattle.


From this time on the Prince had a remarkable reception.

Cheers were repeatedly raised and the crowed struck up: "For he's a jolly good fellow." Rushes were made and frequently his Royal Highness became separated from his companions and it was only with the utmost difficult that Sergeant Harris and another officer could persuade the crowd to make way.

There were frequently exclamations for: "God bless you, sir."

Good humoured laughter and cheers went up as one typical Welsh country woman exclaimed: "O, my dear little boy! I would like to nurse you in my shawl.") The Prince took all these remarks with the utmost good humour and when possible repeatedly raised his hat.

And after witnessing some of the jumping contests the Prince and his friends regained the Castle grounds by means of the temporary bridge over the Tagg, the huge crowd giving him a Royal farewell.

Calls to watch over the Kaiser

The 'Excelsior' states that the Council of Four has decided to direct the attention of the Netherlands Government to the important consequence which may arise from the escape of the German ex-Crown Prince, if the report of his escape is true, and to request the Government to keep a closer watch over the ex-Kaiser.

According to the newspaper, a tumour spread this afternoon in the chamber that the ex-Crown Prince, accompanied by German officers, had left his resident at Wieringen and had proceeded eastward.

This was taken from our archives 100 years ago