SUMMER has been reluctant to show its best side recently - but the sun is set to shine on Gwent for much of the next three days.

After the soggy if humid start to the week, things are set to dry out very quickly, with the current cloud cover gradually lifting throughout today.

According to the Met Office forecast, Gwent and the rest of south Wales are set for a very pleasant, sunny evening, with the temperature set to....

And that is a precursor to plenty of sunshine tomorrow, Friday and Saturday.

Temperatures in Newport are set to reach 23-24C during the afternoon over these next three days, and further inland - in places such as Pontypool, Abergavenny and Monmouth - the top temperature might be a degree or two higher.

Crucially though, there will be plenty of unbroken sunshine to soak up, particularly tomorrow and Friday and while a little more cloud may be evident on Saturday, it is still set to be a lovely, largely sunny day.

Make the most of the next three days' sunshine however, for the forecast is for temperatures to dip back to around 18C from Sunday, with the sun disappearing behind the clouds again.