THREE families have been treated to a cinema trip, following a random act of kindness.

Nick Murray, from Newport, was watching Toy Story 4 with his children – nine-year-old Thomas and six-year-old Alice – when inspiration struck.

Mr Murray, who describes himself as a ‘big kid at heart’ said: “I was at the cinema watching Toy Story 4 with the little ones and they were absolutely loving it.

Toy Story is quite nostalgic, as the first one was released in 1995, and it was so magical to watch my children laughing away at the fourth one.

“It dawned on me that not everyone gets to have that amazing family experience, time often gets in the way.”

Mr Murray bought three £20 Cineworld gift cards and put up a Facebook post offering them to families that ‘could do with some time together.’

South Wales Argus:

(ET showcasing the Cineworld gift cards)

There was only one condition: the children get to pick the film.

Those interested were asked to message Mr Murray directly, with him picking the winners – Lauren Tucker, Anna Lock and Luke Doubler – using an online randomiser during a live video.


“The nicest thing about this was people were contacting me on behalf of other families,” added Mr Murray.

“I had loads of messages from people who didn’t want the gift cards for themselves but knew families they felt were deserving.

“Some of the stories were quite difficult to read and it made me wish I’d bought more, but the winners were really pleased and grateful.”

South Wales Argus:

(Nick Murray is a photographer who 'shoots happy people')

In a similar style to the ‘random acts of kindness’ movement, Mr Murray’s actions have inspired others to do something kind, including visiting their parents and helping an elderly neighbour with their shopping.

“Most people are decent and kind and just want love and happiness,” said Mr Murray.

“It’s easy to cloud your judgement with the negativity we often see on social media and in the news, but we can counteract that by being kind.”

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