PRINCE Charles is in the village of Llanover this afternoon, as part of a series of summer engagements in Wales.

The Prince of Wales is visiting the Llanover Estate for a tour of the historic gardens, and is also in Llanover village to meet members of the community.

He is meeting members of the Lady Llanover Society, who highlight the life and achievements of that prominent 19th Century patron of Welsh arts, tradition and language.

South Wales Argus:

Robin Davies and Frances Younson of the Lady Llanover Society

Society member Robin Davies said Lady Llanover (1802-1896) was influential in ensuring the survival of the Welsh language.

"The society ensures her legacy is known to the next generation, and this is done through events," he said.

The folk dance group Gwerinwyr Gwent came to Llanover to perform for Prince Charles.

South Wales Argus:

From left, Olly Price, Mick Tems, and  Mike Greenwood from Gwerinwyr Gwent - a folk dance group which performed for Prince Charles in Llanover village

The group's secretary Barbara Griffiths said Prince Charles told the group he had really enjoyed the performance. 

"He said it must be really hot for us, and we deserved a cup of tea," she said.

"I really enjoyed it, he seemd very pleasant. Shaking hands with the future king is my claim to fame."

Tom Jones, resident agent at Llanover Estate, said it had been a busy run-up to the royal visit.

"My responsibilities have been to organise the village and get the estate staff together to meet the Prince today," he said.

"It was really nice to see how His Royal Highness found the time to speak to everyone.

"He was genuinely interested in talking to people about how long they've lived here and the history of the houses. 

"I think he enjoyed it, there's a good history here. It's one of the few private villages left in Wales."