Pupils at a Newport primary school found all about how a local business has been working to save the pyramids, when its CEO visited them.

The school welcomed Peter James, CEO of Cintec International, who spoke about his firm's work ‘Saving the Pyramids’.

Peter James, whose business is sponsoring the Lifetime Achievement award at this year's South Wales Argus Business Awards, was invited along after Year 5 teacher and mmathematics leader, Sarah Stockham read an article in the Argus about Cintec’s work on Saqqara’s Step Pyramid.

Structural engineering firm Cintec International, which is based at Gold Tops, has worked on projects across the world, from Windsor Castle to the White House.

The firm pioneered the now patented reinforcement system used in the restoration of the world’s oldest pyramid, the Step Pyramid in Djoser. Cintec’s team of experienced engineers used one of their latest technologies, Waterwall, to secure the damaged ceiling while repairing and protecting the Step Pyramid from further damage without altering the structures outer appearance.



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Ms Stockham said: “My class have spent several weeks studying ancient Egypt. Mr James’ visit really brought the pyramids to life for the pupils, he provided a brilliant insight into what it was really like to be there and his experience working with such an important and historical monument.”

With the children keen to learn more, Peter shared video clips of Cintec’s work on the Egyptian pyramids, showcasing the different methods used to save them from ruin.

He then answered questions on a range of topics, including what inspired him to become an engineer and exploring why it’s such a fantastic profession to go into.

Ms Stockham said: “Unique talks inspire and encourage young people to strive to be innovative. Mr James’ visit brought the engineering world into the classroom and opened the children’s eyes to the possibility of becoming an engineer and the variety and opportunity for travel that can come with the job.

“We are very grateful to Mr James for coming to visit. He kindly donated a signed copy of his book ‘Saving the Pyramids’ and an Egyptian Papyrus to the class.”

“In turn, the children made a thank you card which they particularly enjoyed creating.”

Peter James, whose firm won the Innovative Business of the Year at the 2018 South Wales Argus Business Awards, said: “I was delighted to be invited to talk to the children at High Cross Primary School. It was my pleasure to teach them about the innovative and exciting work that we do at Cintec. All of the children were all keen and inquisitive which was brilliant to see.”