A BLACKMAILER who threatened to expose a vulnerable victim after falsely accusing them of being a paedophile and committing a sex act in public was jailed.

Prolific offender Shane Drew, of Elmhurst Close, Trevethin, Pontypool, preyed upon and targeted the complainant to extort just £50, Newport Crown Court heard.

He also threatened to beat up his victim and follow them home.

Prosecutor Suzanne Payne said Drew, formerly of Newport, had told the complainant: “People like you should have a kicking.”

The court heard how the victim was branded a “nonce” and how his tormentor claimed he had carried out a sex act in public.

Judge Daniel Williams heard the defendant already has 27 convictions for 38 offences on his criminal record despite being aged just 21.

Miss Payne said his rap sheet includes common assault, burglary, criminal damage, public disorder and breaching an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO).


Drew pleaded guilty to blackmail, an offence he committed whilst on licence.

Scott Bowen, mitigating, said: “The defendant didn’t know his victim and didn’t know that he was vulnerable.”

His barrister added: “This was an unsophisticated offence. He is aged 21 and has an unenviable record.

“He was homeless at the time at the time of the offending and thought it was an opportunity to make money very quickly.

“It was a single request and there was no further contact with the victim.”

Mr Bowen said his client suffered from mental health issues which were “exacerbated by his long-term drug use”.

Judge Williams told Drew: “You demanded money from your victim or told them the police would be contacted.

“You also threatened to assault the complainant and threatened to follow them home.

“You took advantage of your victim.”

The judge said Drew’s offending was aggravated by his long record of previous convictions and the fact that he had committed the crime whilst on licence.

The defendant was jailed for 15 months.