A NURSE who works in hospitals across Gwent has been shortlisted for a South Wales Argus Health & Care Award in recognition of her efforts - and it was her daughter who put her forward.

Mrs Georgina Jones works as a Rheumatoid Arthritis Nurse Specialist at Nevill Hall Hospital, Panteg Hospital and St Woolos Hospital.

Her daughter Bethan decided that there was "no-one more deserving" and completed the nomination form for the Special Recognition Nursing Award.


"My mum is the most compassionate, kind and caring person I know," said Miss Jones.

"Of course it is easy to say that as she is my mum, but if you asked anyone that works alongside her, they would say exactly the same."

Mrs Jones has been working in the nursing profession for more than 30 years.

She has progressed from working on wards and completing years of shifts, to working in the Rheumatology Department.

"Mum is constantly working, even when she has time off," said Miss Jones.

"Sometimes, during her time off, she will spend her time writing letters to her patients to discuss their future care.

"My mum is so deserving of this award and should receive special recognition for all her hard work.

"She is completely unaware of how many people value her and her generosity and I truly believe that this award is what she needs to realise just how special she is."

South Wales Argus:

Mrs Jones spoke of her shock at receiving the news that she was in the running for an award. She said: "I am very proud to have been nominated, although a little surprised.

"I'm part of a close-knit nursing team who endeavour to provide the highest standard of outpatient rheumatology care, covering all the Aneurin Bevan University Health Board.

"Receiving such awards enhances motivation to maintain and continue the best possible client/patient care."

If you know of someone like Mrs Jones, then why not nominate them for a Health & Care award.

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