PUPILS from Tredegar Park School have received awards from the Mayor of Newport as thanks for their relentless efforts to eradicate the fly tipping issues in the Duffryn area.

Their official roles are ‘Community Champion’ and all students had to go through rigorous interviews to be chosen as part of the Woodland Routes to Wellbeing (WRTW) project, funded by the Big Lottery.

Over the past five months WRTW staff, students from Tredegar Park School and Newport City Homes have worked relentlessly to remove one-tonne of fly tipped waste, as well as 600 bags of household waste.

Duffryn Community Link and Keep Wales Tidy recently made the decision to concentrate their efforts into the removal of well-known fly tipping problems from the Duffryn woodland and estate.

South Wales Argus:

(The pupils with Councillor William Routley, Mayor of Newport and Brenda Easton, the WRTW Project Coordinator)

The pupils and volunteers have been to visit many places and businesses to enlighten them about the work they are doing and their hope to make Duffryn "more attractive".

One Community Champion, Abby Burge, said: “I love to see people being happy in the woodland area.

“It’s nice to work with people to get them to understand what we do.


“It’s a bit muddy and rubbish now, and there are a few cars burnt out near there, but we want to change them into cars that can be used by kids to play in.

“I want my kids to eventually be able to play in the woods too.”

Councillor William Routley, Mayor of Newport, said: “These kids are the champions.

“We see them falling in love with nature ad preserving it for years to come.

“They are the future and will help us right the wrongs of past generations by educating us.

“You can tell they truly care for where they live.”

South Wales Argus:

(The pupils being given their awards in Tredegar House)

Brenda Easton, the WRTW Project Coordinator said: "The staff and volunteers of Woodland Routes to Wellbeing are very proud of what we have achieved so far in the Duffryn estate.

"I would like to thank everyone who has supported us in our efforts.

"A special mention to our regular litter group of volunteers, Becky, Charles and Peter, a small but mighty group who have been instrumental in this achievement.

"A particular thanks must be given to Peter who is also a Litter Champion and is becoming a well-known face in Duffryn with his almost daily clean ups.

"The project is creating a renewed buzz on the estate; there is a real drive to make Duffryn and the surrounding areas clean, a litter free place for families to live.

"The WRTW partnership is excited to see where things will go from here."