ST JOSEPH'S Primary School recently had an Estyn Inspection, the last one being in June 2011, with the results showing that the school is improving drastically.

The school has been reported as highly inclusive and nurturing learning community, with an outstanding caring ethos and celebrates the cultural diversity of the local area very successfully.

The "inspirational” headteacher encourages pupils with clear aspirations to become successful individuals that can play and important role in society.

Almost all pupils are making progress in their literacy, numeracy and information and communication technology (ICT) skills and applying them effectively in a wide range of contexts across the curriculum.

South Wales Argus:

(Jane Beckett head of St Joseph's Primary school who have received a glowing Estyn report. Credit: Chris Tinsley)

The work of ‘Criw Cymraeg’ brings great enthusiasm towards learning the language and culture of Wales, and most take part in the annual school Eisteddfod which greatly enhances their awareness of Welsh culture.

One strength of the school is the pupil’s scientific knowledge and understanding as Year 2 pupils investigated the effect of friction when using a spinner on different surfaces.

The Healthy Schools Group is an integral part in monitoring snacks and encouraging pupils to include healthy options in their lunch box, and most pupils attend extra-curricular sporting clubs and understand the effect on their wellbeing and fitness.


Teachers successfully promote the United Nations Human Rights of the child and as a result, most pupils develop an excellent understanding of their own rights, with a can-do mindset being established throughout the school.

The school has embraced the principles of the curriculum for Wales appropriately as leaders and staff collaborate successfully to trial new and innovative planning processes based on the four core purposes.

Headteacher Jane Beckett said: “We are delighted that Estyn have recognised the excellent work that takes place in the school.

“St. Josephs is very much a family and have the support of committed governors, inspirational teachers and support staff, talented pupils and caring parents.

“In addition to this the school benefits from a wider family which includes The Parish, past staff members and pupils who offer their time voluntarily to support school events.

“St. Joseph’s is a thriving learning community and all stakeholders work together to give our pupils the best opportunities to develop into lifelong learners.

“We are extremely proud of what we have achieved, and this is testament to the hard work and dedication that is demonstrated day in and day out by a dedicated team of stakeholders."

Ms Beckett also adds that even though the school are still in a ‘yellow’ category under the National School Categorisation System, they aim to be best ‘green’ category soon enough.

The school will be receiving an award at the Estyn Awards evening in October; recognising excellence in education and training.