A WOMAN from Cwmbran has labelled the state of the cemetery where her husband is buried as "heartbreaking".

Valerie Thompson, 76, visits the cemetery at St Peter's Church in Henllys to tend to her husband Brian's grave, who was buried there in 2015.

She said that in the last couple of months the condition of cemetery has drastically deteriorated.

Mrs Thompson said: "The grass is all overgrown. You have to cut it yourself if you want anything done.

"A couple of weeks ago a lady brought her own lawnmower and shears down to the cemetery.


"It has gone on months now. It's heartbreaking to see it in this state.

"I go up to see my husband's grave and it's dreadful.

"It's a beautiful church with lots of history, and the cemetery was in such a beautiful condition. I just don't understand why they haven't organised for someone to look after the grounds.

"Every time I go up there and see nothing has been done and see it in the state it is in, it gets to me."

South Wales Argus:

(The grounds of the cemetery at St Peter's Church in Henllys. Picture: Valerie Thompson)

In response, Reverend Kerl, from St Peter's Church, said: "There are two issues at play at the moment. The first is that we are fundraising for equipment to help our volunteers to maintain the churchyard. We are also actively recruiting for more helpers.

"The second is that certain parts of the churchyard are very old and not visited. In our commitment to ecological stewardship we are allowing certain areas to thrive as wildlife areas, particularly welcoming to bees, through the summer months, whilst ensuring those areas that are fully and regularly accessed are maintained as expected.

"The grounds are monitored by the warden and volunteers weekly. Should anyone find they are not able to visit the grave of a loved one, they can contact us and we will immediately rectify that situation. I do stress that this is a trial, however, which will be reviewed again in August."