A 48-year-old woman has become inspired to run a 10k race by her husband’s debilitating condition and hearing stories from many others in his position.

Julie Gulliford, from Blaenavon, has entered her first road race - the Cardiff Metropolitan University Cardiff 10K.

Her husband Kevin, 49, has been battling chronic kidney disease since 2000 and has recently received the news that his kidney function has deteriorated by 50 per cent since his diagnosis.

Mr Gulliford first realised that something was wrong when he began to have regular nose bleeds and dizzy spells.

After a visit to the doctors, he was rushed to hospital and the diagnosis was made.

Last year, the family and some friends wanted to support Kidney Wales, who help kidney patients and their families, and they took part in the Pontypool Walk for Life. More than £1,000 was raised with the help of Stagecoach in Cwmbran.

A dinner was held by the charity, who are organisers of the Cardiff 10K, and the family were invited to attend.

It was here that Mrs Gulliford became inspired to run.


She said: “I was inspired by the stories I heard at the dinner, particularly by a young girl who had recently undergone a kidney transplant. It made me realise how precious life is, so I decided there and then that I would sign up for the Cardiff Met Cardiff 10K.

“The dinner showed me that if I could help the charity and families in the same position as mine, then all the training would be worth it. The work Kidney Wales does is vital and they do an incredible job for the people whose lives are affected by kidney disease”.

Mrs Gulliford has been preparing for the challenge by jogging every week and has lost more than three stone through her training.

Nic Clarke, Director of Fundraising and Operations at Kidney Wales, said: “By taking part in the Cardiff 10K participants are helping us support families that are going through the hardships of kidney disease and ensuring that more research and funds are being dedicated to combating kidney disease each year.”

The Cardiff 10K is organised by Kidney Wales and is sponsored by Cardiff Metropolitan University. The route goes through the city centre and passes several Cardiff landmarks, it has become a favourite among runners. There is also a 2k fun-run available for families and anyone who isn’t quite ready to face the whole 10k.