A COMMUNITY has pulled together to find an ill child’s best friend.


we reported that five-year-old Rory Vaughan was desperate to get his missing Mike the monkey back after losing him on the weekend

. Mike the monkey has accompanied Rory to all 95 of his hospital visits in the past three years.

We are pleased to say that Rory has now been reunited with Mike.

Mum Lucy Vaughan said she had been contacted last night by a lady who had seen Rory's story on the South Wales Argus.

She told Mrs Vaughan there was a stuffed monkey – exactly like the one in photos with Rory – sat in their office in Lidl, Cwmbran, which someone had found outside the shop and handed in.


“I told Rory that it might not be him, but we will go and see," Mrs Vaughan said. "It was about 9pm and we were on our way to Lidl to see if it was Mike.

“When we got there and found it was Mike, the staff told him that Mike had been looked after and was kept nice and warm. Rory asked them if they had been feeding him bananas.

“He turned to me and said ‘Mummy, he’s been in the best place because there’s lots of bananas.’

“Rory is absolutely over the moon and we would like to thank the staff in Lidl for looking after him and the lady who called to let us know.

“We would also like to thank anyone who shared the post and also called to offer their own version of the monkey.”

Mike the monkey has been by Rory's side as a comfort for the five-year-old's many hospital visits for chronic asthma and croup.

They go everywhere together, and Rory is taking him to school today so he can sit on the shelf and watch the lessons.

The return of the monkey means that Rory is now able to sleep properly again.

Mrs Vaughan said: “He had a much better sleep last night, he cuddled into Mike and went straight off.”

He can also look forward to his first holiday abroad now that Mike is back. She added: “We’ve already packed his suitcase, he even has monkey sunglasses.”